Episode VII


Following the galaxy-wide banishment of vinyl from the Bass Continuum, DJ became a lost art. Jungle was replaced by low-quality substitutes, sync-droids, and click-bait social media celebrities. The bass continuum grew, and it came to encompass a wider variety of stylistic capabilities to meet the demands of ever expanding music creation. Dubplate lost its original meaning, and the practitioners of the old ways faded into the shadows...

During the reign of emporer Pioneer IV, gravity tsunamis caused by the collapse of several galactic core stars caused massive shutdowns across the galaxy. Silicon-based tech was fucked on a molecular level.
Turntables, long forgotton, were lovingly repaired like Cuban automobiles. Old tube amplifiers, resurrected and restored, glowed red once again, as dubplates from old crates were dusted off and played for the first time since before interplanetary travel..